Various game projects that I've been a part of.

Howie and Yarla -- Art producer, Animator, Concept artist (2014-2015)

A top-down 2D action game about an average schoolboy named Howie. One day he wakes up to find an interdimensional monster-devouring being named Yarla growing out of his back, but he just wants to be popular and and invite some friends to his birthday party.

Poppem -- Concept Artist, UI Artist, Animator (2014)

A fast-paced mobile game about tapping groups of cute, colored balls to pop them before time runs out.


A Walk in the Park -- Lead Artist (2014) trailer

A top-down competitive multiplayer game for PC in which four friends must manage the social workings of their group while navigating the crowded city sidewalk in order to get to their favorite pizza parlor.

Ministry of Dreams -- Lead Artist (2014)

A 2-D minigame-based platformer developed for mobile in which the player takes control of Polaris, a dream sprite, to navigate people's dreams and help them overcome the challenges they're facing in everyday life.  


Cole  -- Concept artist, Animator (2013-2014) 

A 2D dark-comedy platformer adventure developed for iOS and Android where you play an escapee clone trying to explore the large and troubled "S.S. Spaceship" in search of its captain. Showcased at USC Demo Day 2014.


Thralled Concept artist (2013) 

 An interactive narrative/puzzle game being developed for Ouya that puts you in the shoes of an escaped slave in the 1700s. Showcased at USC Demo Day 2013 and accepted as an IndieCade Digital Select in 2014.